Chinyere Kalu Onuoha

Books by Chinyere Kalu Onuoha


This collection of poems seeks to explore and expose the many sides of the COVID-19 pandemic. From fear and rejection as seen in 'We Give You No Chair' to 'Coronation' as the virus rages on, infecting the high and mighty across the globe. The ill-preparedness of our leaders, the underlying politics before the closure of airspaces. It does not leave children out as they do not understand why they can't go to school and just stay indoors. The period afforded many times for things they could not do before, for lack of it. We see, in Human Thought, the fallibility of man. Total Lockdown shows the supremacy of God. It will make an interesting read as everyone can relate with one or two perspectives from the poems. This is our lockdown gift to our world.


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