ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

I am ChinyereDistinguished Anoke, and I am a passionate intentional lady, with a burning desire to live out all that God has deposited in me for the benefit of mankind and ultimately for His Glory. It is my desire and passion to see young adults overcome self-limiting doubts, take full responsibility for their decisions and actions and live a life of Excellence without limits. Gradually, I am achieving this, one step at a time through my blog, www.distinguishedlives.wordpress.com, social media posts and books. I'll love to have your review/feedback about this book. Please don't hesitate to reach me via any of these channels: Email: chinyeredistinguished@gmail.com Instagram: @ChinyereDistinguished Facebook: ChinyereDistinguished Anoke Twitter: @CDistinguished Blog: www.distinguishedlives.wordpress.com

Books by ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

turning 28

Like a masterful storyteller, Chinyere leads us on an intriguing, amusing and inspiring journey into her life and quest for love. Built around her own true story and set in the context of the last two decades and eight years; you’d find so many lessons tucked in every turn of the way. I love the vulnerability of truth, the simplicity of wisdom, the beauty of love and the abundance of counsel you’d find in TURNING 28. You’d fall in love with love, as Chinyere makes you see that God is the real scriptwriter of every love story. You’d also rethink many perspectives you’ve built about relationships and marriage. You’d learn from her mistakes, be inspired by her sense of purpose and elevate your own personal vision. Written almost like a novella but interjected with wisdom and thoughtful teachings; there’s nothing not to love about TURNING 28! I believe that every reader will be carried on the wings of truth, liberty and grace, as they read through.

single, fruitful and fulfilled

“SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED”, popularly known as the SFF Book, is a detailed guide on how to make the most of Singlehood. This interesting book written in a conversational style is divided into four major parts. I: Who is a Single? – This explains what is means to be Single; not just an unmarried adult. II: Why do you want to get married? – Marriage, of course, is a good thing and a God-ordained institution. However, this section of the SFF book compels the reader to pause and question why he/she wants to get married… the motive, the mindset and the preparedness for marriage. III: What to do before “I Do” – This section enlightens and empowers the reader with the four critical things to do before marriage. IV: Dealing with SFF Challenges (loneliness, anxiety, pressure, etc.) – Just like every other phase in life, Singlehood has its unique challenges, and this section of the book addresses some of these challenges. Beyond addressing them, it also equips the reader with the right tools with which to handle and overcome his/her own peculiar SFF challenge(s) which may not be written in the book. The SFF book is an easy and essential-read for all Singles – males and females. It is also highly recommended for anyone who desires to live a fruitful and fulfilled life, and as well support others to do same, regardless of their marital status.

29 lessons at 29 - the millennial's guaranteed guide to life, relationships, money, education and career

Award-winning author, ChinyereDistinguished Anoke, in this easy to digest book gives every millennial a robust blueprint to life, relationships, money, education and career. 29 LESSONS AT 29 is subdivided as follows: Part 1. LIFE: Faith, Values, Choices - How to create multiple viable options for your life through deliberate decisions and actions. Part 2. RELATIONSHIPS: Dating, Singlehood, Marriage - How to make the most of life’s biggest economy – relationships; and manage people’s expectation from you. Part 3. MONEY: Earn, Save, Multiply - How to become financially literate, intelligent and independent. Part 4. EDUCATION: Read, Learn, Produce - How to consistently invest in your personal development, without breaking the bank. Part 5. CAREER: Passion, Purpose, Profit - How to know, understand and walk in a clearly defined career path that gives you both money and fulfilment.


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