Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

13 years Chartered accountant. Trained in PwC Nigeria. Ex-Head of Finance, Jumia Nigeria. Consulted for over 500 SMEs. ICAN & several academic awards won. 39 year old, wife and mother of 4. Lover of technology. Brilliant entrepreneur & public speaker. Known as the Queen of simplified accounting. Best graduating student at both first degree and masters degree. Sold over 28,000 accounting ebooks & courses. Trained over 5,000 business owners on accounting. Founded Accountinghub, a bookkeeping firm, in 2016. Accountinghub is rated Nigeria's leading bookkeeping firm.

Books by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

this is how to pay yourself as a business owner

The one sure way to run a sustainable business, that will survive while you are alive and even after you, is to separate yourself from the business. The one method of separating yourself, which everyone preaches is: PAY YOURSELF. The questions that no one answers are: – How do I pay myself? – How do I calculate it? – Is there a formular for calculating it? – What taxes do I pay on the earnings I paid myself? – Are my taxes affected by the structure of my business? These questions and several more, this ebook answers. It is one sure Guide for every Nigerian business owner. You finally get to understand how to split your business profits into the portion you pay yourself and the one that you re-invest into the business.

21 awe-mazing pricing strategies that your business can deploy

With the right pricing, a business will make more profits. Pricing is such a huge issue for small businesses. This ebook shares 21 pricing strategies that absolutely any small business can apply to its business and grow its revenues and profits. It ends with a case study about Naomi. Naomi runs a dress-making business. She was able to mix 8 of the pricing strategies to grow her small business, from launch to year 2. With exciting illustrations, each pricing strategy is discussed and its practical application for small businesses is also discussed. The entire book will take only 20 minutes to read; but the pricing lessons learnt, will forever benefit your business.


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