Christabel Ikpen

Christabel Ikpen is an Author, certified Life-Coach and a Transformational Speaker. She has been invited as a Speaker by Vijona Africa, Young Men Christian Association - Nigeria as a panelist for 2019 International Youth's Day to mention a few. She is all about people living their best lives and excelling in their businesses.

Books by Christabel Ikpen

freedom: my journey on overcoming depression

Freedom – My Journey on Overcoming Depression is a Self- Help book based on my personal struggle with depression. It contains practical steps I took towards overcoming depression. According to Vanguard Newspaper, Nigeria ranked 15th in the world for suicide; this is alarming! This book is packed with powerful insights and some real stories that would speak to the readers and cause a positive shift in their thinking. It'll give hope to people going through this terrible phase and make them realize there's always a way out.


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