Chude Arinze Timothy

For a man who does not believe in blowing his own trumpet, CHUDE ARINZE TIMOTHY (ARISTOTLE) can pass just as an ordinary man, but behind the mask is a man whose electrifying personality is so infectious that it can blow you away when you get in contact with him. Mentored by the distinguished Hon. Justice Akunwafor Amangbo Ogbuli (High Court of Justice, Aguata Judicial Division, Ekwulobia, Anambra state, Nigeria) and inspired by the great achievements of his maternal grand uncle, Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, P. C., GCFR (First President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and The Owelle - Osowa -Anya of Onitsha) Aristotle has fascinated the world in which we now live with his captivating style of writing. His pen is ever indefatigable and extremely energetic which has lead to the birth of his numerous books with few on different online book stores globally including Amazon and Bambooks. Aristotle has received many distinguish Awards, to mention but a few: Best Young Influential Writer Award by the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Ambassadorial Service Award by the Rotaract Club of Onitsha Metropolis (2020), Award of Merit by the Student Union Government of Nwafor Orizu college of Education, Nsugbe (NOCEN) 2020, Ambassadorial Service Award by the Rotaract Club of Federal, Polytechnic Oko (2020), Community Service Award by the Rotaract Club of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (2018), Award of Merit by the Student's Union Government of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (NOCEN), 2018. Award of Recognition by the National Association of Biology Student's (NOCEN), 2018. Award of Excellence and Commitment by the National Association of Chemistry Student's (NOCEN), 2018.

Books by Chude Arinze Timothy

power filled thoughts for successful living

Power filled thoughts for successful living is a book written to renew or alter the mental attitude of persons who finds it hard to see the brighter side of life. It is a book written to challenge and inspire people to see possibilities in life’s impossibilities. It is also a book written to provoke one to tough actions, to break chains of self limiting thoughts, and fill ones psyche with positive thoughts to become a definition of outstanding success in life.

no dream is too big

No dream is too big is a book written to make the reader irresistible, uncontrollable, unbeatable and unstoppable! This book has what it takes to recreate, reactivate, rebrand, and repackage the reader. It also has what it takes to open the mind of the reader to live his life in full knowing that his place is the top and launch himself into greatness. No dream is too big is a book that will remind the reader that he has dynamite inside of him that can blow down mountains. It will also remind the reader that the faith he possess is a general purpose machine gun that can bring down walls hindering his lifting up and create for him an independent nation that is free of doubt, anxiety, confusion, frustration, rejection, defeat, abject poverty, and disgrace. With this faith he will see progress and accomplishments, and will no longer live his life based on the limits people have set for him.

too young to say i can't

Too to say I can't is a must read book. As a young person the world demands your qualities because your potential will go to a great extent to enrich this generation and generations yet unborn. This book will make you believe that you are too young to say I can't to your dreams. It will make you to be determined to multiply your commitment, divide your distractions, subtract your excuses and add your faith. With this book you detach yourself from the claws of old status, old technique, and style and elevate your personal standards of quality. The ideas contained in the pages of this volume will enable you direct the compass of your life to your ultimate aim and achieve it.

101 laws of a trail blazing student

101 LAWS OF A TRAIL BLAZING STUDENT is a book written and packaged to assist a student distinguish himself in all ramifications of his academic pursuit. The importance of this book cannot be over - emphasized hence, it helps a student gain first-hand knowledge of the do's and don'ts guiding the school community. The laws in this book, if put into practice will enable a student have clearer vision of his academic goals and enhance his academic performance.

when god takes charge

WHEN GOD TAKES CHARGE is a Christian book that has what it takes to satisfy your soul and make you understand the importance of God in your life. This book is written for you and you alone. It has five great chapters which can possibly help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again to take what was rightfully yours as you let God take charge in your life.

458 things you don't know

458 YOU DON'T KNOW is a book that will make you eager to learn, to know more and explore life greatly for your growth. With this book you will be equipped with knowledgeable facts that can help you shine brilliantly in your world. I hope that this master piece will prove more enjoyable, interesting and useful to you.

be your own lord and master

Be your own Lord and Master is a book written for you and you alone who desire nothing but the top where all your dreams will appear before you without delay at the thunder of your voice. The cardinal purpose of this book is to make you self reliant and independent. Believe me you, after you must have gone through the pages of this amazing book your life will take a new shape as you begin to move in the direction of your major purpose in life. This amazing book is so lively and active that it will not only make you dream of great accomplishments, but will also make you stay awake and do them.


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