Clinton ‘Renoe_K’ Opusunju

Renoe Kisaragi, aka Renoe_K is a budding author who’s taking his first steps into the world of online publishing. Renoe had slowly built up a considerable following on his flagship series Parallel featured on popular reading sites like Wattpad, Royalroad, and Webnovel. Renoe spends most of his time reading or writing novels. Failing that, he can be found combating the latest video games or crying at the latest movies and anime in his spare time. His unique sense of humor and love for all things anime and adventure comes across in the beautiful tales he spins. Look him up on Wattpad. It’s worth your time.

Books by Clinton ‘Renoe_K’ Opusunju


Parallel is set in the near future, 2045. A Japanese Company known as Genaco, through massive technological advancements, introduce a new, renewable and extremely powerful power source known as Nesla Coils to the world. Unfortunately, this heralded severe economic upheaval in several countries, which then resulted in the eruption of multiple small-scale wars around the world. Fortunately, the wars did not last long. The economies stabilized over time as two new inventions, built with the Nesla Coils as a basis came into play. The first were the first ever mobile suit, or mecha – giant monstrous manned machines capable of unimaginable destruction, created by an American company. The second invention, however, was the first truly immersive virtual reality system developed by Genaco’s Russian branch. This tale follows embattled Mato Suzuki, a 17-years old, VR gamer forcefully recruited by Genaco to participate in a VR Gaming Experiment to cure Parallel, a disease slowly infecting VR users. The young man must battle enemies within and without as he struggles to regain what he’s lost, and always remember: His personalities must forever run PARALLEL to each other or risk death.


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