Comfort Adeoye

Adeoye Comfort Oluwakemi is the author of the book, TWENTY AT TWEMTY; EXPERIENCES. She is a part three student from the University of Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria where she studies Zoology. She is a burst of talents as she also owns her hairstyling business, “The Comfort Hair Brand”. She is very passionate about relationships with friends and she cares a whole lot about her family. She comes from a family of four beautiful girls, who always root for one another. She has a calm personality, but you might not notice upfront on first meeting that she’s shy.

Books by Comfort Adeoye

20 chapters at 20

TWENTY AT TWENTY; EXPERIENCES ABOUT THE BOOK TWENTY AT TWENTY is a book with twenty short chapters that cuts across the writer’s experiences over the past years she was born, with more emphasis on 2020(the COVID-19 year). The writer shares her struggles, her wins, her gains and every other thing in between. “Twenty at twenty” is a gift to the world as the writer clocks her 20th.


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