Cosmas Eze II

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diary of the capon

The Secret Diary of the Capon is the story of the “Recesses of the Deep”. It centers on the activities of the Ancient Vultures Confraternity also known as the Great Brotherhood of Osiris. It features the “Good”, the “Bad”, and the “Ugly”. There were the ugly guys who had no sense of justice. Their sense of justice at any point in time was whatever suited their aggrandizement. There were also the bad guys, who retained a glimpse of justice. They neither possessed the blood of martyrs nor aspired to be heroes. They were content being labeled as bad guys, just bad guys, but never fall guys. And there were the good guys, whose sense of justice was profound. These were the “heroes”, the fall guys, who were ever ready to be martyred for the sake of social Justice as embodied by their brotherhood.


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