Cosmas Inyang

Books by Cosmas Inyang

secrets for the beautiful life

This book contains secrets for you to have and enjoy the beautiful life, the sweet life and the good life.In this book you will learn how to get whatever you want in life, any time you want it. In this book you will also learn how to overcome the unwanted and how you can bend any kind of unpleasant reality. This book is packaged with deep insights to awaken, illuminate, activate, Transform and equip you for life. Let me specially congratulate you for getting this book. Welcome to your sweetest life ever, welcome to the beautiful life. Let me leave you with a quote from this book,You are everything to the degree of your consciousness.

overcoming the unwanted

This book contains secrets for you to overcome any unwanted thing in your life and also secrets for you to bend any unpleasant and unwanted reality in your life.

miracle marriage suddenly

This book contains Marriage Secrets and Miracle Marriage Prayers. You shall experience Miracle Marriage Suddenly.

trump: revealing the untold money secret

This book reveals the secrets, the untold and many others. So join me as I take you into this amazing revelations. It is mind blowing. Short, sharp and straight to the point. The untold secret is finally out.

get, keep, multiply money

Getting Abundant Money is very very easy and this book contains affirmation to remove the blocks, uninstall blocking beliefs and install new beliefs to enhance the constant, consistent and increasing flow of abundant money to you. After reading the affirmation in this book, some of you will start receiving money supernaturally, debts cancelled and money making opportunities will begin to open up effortlessly. For every one that reads this book and follows the MIRACLE INSTRUCTIONS in the book, shall surely begin to enjoy MONEY ABUNDANCE and ABUNDANCE OF RICHES AND WEALTH. Abundance is yours to enjoy always. You are worthy of abundance and you deserve abundance always. Congratulations, Enjoy and keep spreading the blessings and the good news to others.


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