Cynthia Tasha Osajibenedict

CYNTHIA ‘TASHA’ OSAJIBENEDICT is the author of Dear Naija Girl, a Creative Writer, Content and Brand strategist, and Creative Consultant. She is a Radio Host and the Creative Director of Tashtalks Media. Her fiction and non-fiction has appeared on Brittle papers, Griot Global Network and LimReports. She’s also a social activist, using her voice, her craft and her life to share the stories of women in Nigeria, shatter stereotypes and encourage women to own their truth. Sex After Harmattan is her second book.

Books by Cynthia Tasha Osajibenedict

sex after harmattan

Enter a world where the sometimes shocking and often hilarious mating and dating habits of the privileged are exposed by a true insider. In this true-life story drawn from her witty and sometimes brutally candid circle in Lagos, Cynthia ‘Tasha’ Osajibenedict introduces us to the young and beautiful who travel in packs from offices to bars to clubs. Meet "Adaugo," the quintessential young entertainment and lifestyle writer looking for love in all the wrong places..."Mr. Emeka," the business tycoon who drifts from one country and woman to another... “Makamba Ekong," the fortyish, successful, "testosterone woman" who uses sex like a man or so they say...not to mention "Psycho Lekki Moms," "Mummy’s Boys," "International Runs Girls," Yahoo boys and their magas, the Leftovers of Lagos” and the rest of the Lagosians who have inspired one of the most interesting books you’ve read in ages.


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