Daniel Adedayo

Books by Daniel Adedayo


The novel, Daniella, chronicles the odyssey of a teenage orphan who was raised by her grandparents in the village. She had always longed for one thing: to leave her lusterless village to explore new horizons in the city. And when the news came that she was finally moving to Lagos with her Aunt, Carolina, her joy knew no bounds as she thought that she was on her way to paradise. However, what Daniella failed to realize was that the road leading to hell was tarred with ignorance. Though, amidst Daniella's helluva experience, she met with three teenagers in Damien College who made her stay in Lagos a little less rueful— or so she thought. Friendships were built; they were also broken. Hearts melted; they also wrenched. One thing was for sure, lessons were learned. This is a story of self-discovery, perseverance, family relationship, friendship, betrayal, sexuality, child abuse and the drama of high school.


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