Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob is a public speaker, a personal development coach, an entrepreneur, and an exceptional and effective teacher who loves to teach and inspire people to become their best possible versions here on earth. He is a young man who loves and reverences God and strongly believes that God is the ultimate lifter of men. He is the founder and GMD of Jakes Corporation Ltd (a mutual fund firm) and Arete Foods Ltd (a food processing business dealing in the supply of quality palm-oils and other food products).

Books by Daniel Jacob

understanding goals and goal-setting

Understanding Goals and Goal-setting is, without a doubt, the single most important book you need to learn about goals and goal-setting if you want to develop your full potentials, maximize these potentials and achieve all the successes you were created to enjoy. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, a professional or veteran, this book is meant for you to develop and master the act of setting and achieving your goals. Under the light of knowledge, experience and with the help of Daniel Jacob, you are going to learn: • The real concept of success • Emotional intelligence • What goals really are • Types of goals – life-based and time-based goals • Guidelines for highly effective goals • Goal-setting • How to set and achieve all your goals • The importance of goals and goal-setting • Reasons why most people do not set goals These and many more lessons you will learn.


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