Daniel Temitope Awolaru

Books by Daniel Temitope Awolaru

why sit here till we die?

The inspiration to write this book was borne out of the author’s passion to help young people remain undaunted at the face of any challenge. It was a very strong print on his mind back then “Why Sit Here Till We Die”? Acting on this word liberated and propelled him to where he is today. No wonder Bishop David Oyedepo said ‘Every outstanding success is traceable to discovered secrets’. The author’s first daughter stumbled at the manuscript of this book at its formative stage and was agog by some of the stories she read. Why precisely are you here? Why is your life replete with so much hurts, pains, disappointments and regrets? Does God really care; does he even see? Were you born just to fight – even just to stay alive? When will you know peace? If any of these questions resonate with you, then this book is for you. Why Sit Here Till We Die? Salient question every human being asks at some points in their lives. The author made an attempt to answer them based on privileged experiences and understanding of life, people and God. It is a book that seeks to rekindle hope in its reader and redirect their minds toward new possibilities and victories over life’s curveballs. It’s a mix of powerful revelations from the story of the 4 Lepers in 2 Kings 7 and some of the author’s life experience. You will be glad you read it.

paradigm shift

What makes you act is the way you think. Your paradigm about life dictates your actions. What happens to you in life does not matter as much as how you react to life issues. Paradigm Shift is a book that digs deep into the heart of God’s intentions for our lives, how He desires above all for us to live in constant victories every day. It reveals the two paradigms for living and how to shift from the disempowering paradigm of ignorance and cultivate the paradigm of thorough awareness of your inheritance in Christ. The author also draws great lessons from rich scriptural stories driving home a robust and apt analogy to reveal the correct perspectives we must have about life in order to win every day, as well as where and how the enemy fights us – and how to whip him every time. This book is a manual, a tool for elevating your experiences so that you live an empowered and fulfilling life on earth. Wherever you are in your life’s journey right now, you need this book.


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