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the power of understanding people: the key to strengthening relationships, increasing sales, and enhancing organizational performance

Personality clashes and team disruptions are debilitating. When you get in a situation where difficult communication is slowing you down, the best solution is to understand the other person. You can prevent difficult interactions encourage meaningful discussion of team dynamics, client service and high performance.  The Power of Understanding People provides the tools to understand others unique communication style as well as your own. This book offers insight into: The behavior cues and questions to ask to better understand someones personality Adjusting to diverse communication styles Conflict resolution and how to effectively work out differences within a team and between work units. How to get your team on script, a common, unifying language for the organization. Enhance your sales efforts by better targeting your brand message to the clients style. Better understand the intrinsic needs and match motivational techniques to work with others. When you can interpret the behavior of the people around you then you can better manage how you deal with difficult situations, awkward pauses, and stressful communication.


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