Dave Zilko

Books by Dave Zilko

irrational persistence: seven secrets that turned a bankrupt startup into a $231,000,000 business

Two middle-aged guys a million dollars in debt started a company with that now has more than 100 million dollars in annual revenue using irrational persistence. The key - for both startups and established enterprises -- is to build so many strategic advantages into your products and business that your sales force doesnt have to sell anything--they just have to do what Woody Allen famously said was 80% of success: show up. Dave Zilkos Garden Fresh Gourmet now ships over a million units a week to Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods and other national chains. It is the #1 brand of fresh salsa in the United States, the third largest hummus manufacturer in the country. Garden Fresh is now one of the biggest employers in metro-Detroit, one of its major philanthropists, and the media-darling proof that Detroit can come back. In this book, Zilko uses his rags-to-riches story to explain his approach to entrepreneurship.


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