David Chukwu

David Chukwu is an award-winning Nigerian international author, poet, proofreader, researcher, and editor. He has been featured across several national and international platforms including Blueprint Newspapers, Times of Swaziland Newspaper, Episteme Journal, Russia24, Tuck Magazine, Widest Forum, and many others. His first book, African Dark Light, and has published other several title's. David is bilingual, he speaks two languages fluently and is currently studying Russian language at Chelyabinsk State University, Russia. David believes so much in destiny, he writes everything epic and this has gained him popularity across Africa, Europe, and America.

Books by David Chukwu

african dark light

African Dark Light relates the tale of Ikemefuna - a chief priest in Arochukwu clan who persists to preserve his ancestors’ tradition as demanded by the gods. To secure victory for Arochukwu clan over the ferocious war against the clan of Nri which claims many innocent lives, Ikemefuna sells Iwu – Ogbuefi Anyanku’s son as a slave. Many years later, Iwu returns to Arochukwu clan with the European missionaries whom the clan members call the people of another body and refuse to accept the new religion they promote.


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