David M. R. Covey

Books by David M. R. Covey

trap tales: outsmarting the 7 hidden obstacles to success

We all fall into traps - often without realizing it until its too late. We didnt intend to end up there, and were not the first to fall into them. But nevertheless, thats where we find ourselves. Like quicksand, traps are easy to step into, but hard to get out of. The more we struggle and flail about the deeper we seem to sink. Yet if one knows and follows the right steps, it is quite possible to escape quicksand. And if one learns the telltale signs, its possible to avoid stepping in quicksand altogether. What if we could learn to spot the key traps in our life? What if we could learn the steps to pull ourselves out of the traps we are stuck in? This book introduces a new concept- Trapology: The study of common traps that people throughout the world are falling into at different stages of their lives. The goal is to make the reader a Trapologist: somebody who understands traps - how to spot them, how to avoid them, and how to pull themselves out of them.


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