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managing the matrix: the secret to surviving and thriving in your organization

This book has one overriding objective for its reader: to share the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to survive and thrive in a matrix organization. Of course, these are important in any organization but their mastery is vital to managing the matrix.   Despite its effectiveness being challenged since the 1980s, the matrix organizational structure is still widely used. However, managers continue to feel that they are hindered rather than helped by such structures, with their employees being confused over conflicting loyalties as line managers retain central control and dotted line managers impose extra demands.   On top of these internal organisational challenges of vertical and horizontal management, organizations now operate in an unstable global economic climate, where strategic uncertainty and increasing levels of organisational rationalisation, mergers and acquisitions have increased the demands on leaders and managers of such organisations yet further.   Many organisations have failed to recognise the need for development of the skills necessary to navigate matrices, such as communication, influencing, coaching, negotiation and conflict management.   This book redresses this shortfall by explaining why companies continue to have such faith in matrix management, what the benefits and primary challenges are of matrix structures and most significantly, provides the tools, techniques and tips for those operating within a matrix structure on how they can succeed in an ever-increasingly challenging and complex global environment.


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