Daybor George

Thank you for checking out my Books, I am really happy to share my Experience, thoughts, ideas and Research with you. I am the Co-founder of Howtocompany. I have Intense knowledge about Herbs/Plants, Branding/Graphics, Marketing and Research. I am @Dayborr on Instagram, you can also follow @HowtoCompany on Instagram. ???

Books by Daybor George

the aphrodisiac and herbal recipe book

The Herbal Recipe book "The Aphrodisiacs and Herbal Recipe book" is an outstanding and easy to use guide to making various powerful and effective African Aphrodisiacs, Kayanmata, herbs and Local Agbo from the comfort of your home without side effects, also without spending much money. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets The content and recipe from the book was gotten from herbal professionals, intense research and Agbo sellers in Nigeria. This book consist of easy ways and recipe to make; Herbs for pile, Bigger erection, Quick ejaculation solutions, Sweetener and Lubricant for women, Hips and Breast enlargement for women, Fertility, Infection solutions etc.

honestly, i am not mad

Honestly, I am not Mad is a poetry Ebook. This book was written with Simple English and clothed with intense humour. Enjoy one of the poems below: MY LOVE People are falling on crates, But I am only falling for you. My Love is deeper than the ocean Allow me baptize you with romance Others only want to score cheap points, But they lack finishing. Call me your baby, I want to be inside you. Keep preaching, I love your gospel. That intense spiritual healing, Ride on pastor! Keep pressing my Accelerator, You drive me crazy. You own my sanity I am madly in love with you. Others only want you, But I really need you.

get rid of mouth odor without spending money

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be a major problem, especially when you're about to snuggle with your sweetie or whisper a joke to your friend. The good news is that bad breath can permanently be prevented and solved with this simple steps. The good news is that you don't need money to buy any product to solve the problem. Kindly note that we made few recommendations in the digital book. Alot of people have used this methods and they are totally free of bad breath today, it is time to get your confidence back.

african prince nft: collection of crypto arts, poems, painting and digital art for grabs on opensea

African Prince NFT is a Digital art and Painting collection available on OpenSea and Fine Art America. It features Digital art, animation, painting and poems telling Personal and African stories. African Prince or Nigerian prince is a Nigerian traditional rulers or, specifically, the junior dynasts of a royal house. It shouldn't be mistaken for a stereotypical part of an advance-fee scam. African Prince (Poem) Baked perfectly with the topical west African Sun Swimming swiftly in Life Feeling like a Fish From the bright of Benin Through the gold coast This blood line Is Straight like a ruler Slave trade We need an Eraser If it can take away The pain of our ancestors This royal blood Bodied their Descendants Running through our veins Like an hungry lion Preserving the traditions of our Fore father's Protecting the culture of the Motherland I also carry this DNA Of Royalty I am not the one sending those Emails But I am the African prince you have been looking for.


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