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feminine masculinity book 2

Weakness is not the description of a real woman, every woman has a man-potential in her to excel physically, maritally, spiritually and in every situation; Prepares the mind of all the married and unmarried with God's purpose and wish for them - the ability not to be selfish in relationship; This book has been able to re-orientate the strength and capacity embedded in a woman by God, to rise above every situation. Saying... Woman! you cannot be stopped. You are destinies keeper; FEMININE MASCULINITY book, is also about Woman Capacity Development. All that a Woman needs to keep a heaven-on-earth happy home till eternity. Plus other Marital and Relational Tips for every man and woman. Summarily, Feminine Masculinity book, recently launched at University of Lagos, West Africa, Nigeria, is an inspirational, motivational, religious, career and all encompassing book you cannot stop reading until you finished it! Read to taste it.


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