Dexter Alex

Dexter Alex writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He is a young budding writer who has published a handful of books and shorts, receiving critical acclaim for his literary gusto. His works has been published on multiple websites. He is a part of a local writing community that provides assistance to young upcoming writers as well. He writes Sci-fi, Fiction, comedy, thrillers and occasionally horror. And while you may think he is quite the writer, he gets most of his motivation from his psychiatrist which he has locked in his basement. Dexter Alex is studying Mathematics at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

Books by Dexter Alex


Two detectives struggle to solve a murder mystery and stop a serial killer from wreaking havoc on the entire city of Seattle. Unrelenting and bloodthirsty, will the killer prove to be more than the detectives can handle, or will justice run its course and evil be put down. Following the gore filled story of Detectives Mason and Juliet as they struggle to solve their latest and most pressing case that continuously claims the live of many.

fear the millennials

Everyone has a few good memories of college, but not her. Her life started to end with college. Follow the heart wrenching true story of Alice Walker, as she narrates her experiences as an off campus party goes incredibly wrong for her and a few friends of hers. Her life is forever scarred and changed as she goes through the most traumatizing experience one could endure that leaves her forever changed.


The lives of three not so ordinary college students get changed drastically by actions of military tyrants. Follow the journey of Izzy and his friends as they become the very force that saves the city. In the year 2020, the city of Lagos is frequently attacked terrorists who have an apathy for technology and education. One of their attacks leads to a young man gaining powers beyond his wildest dreams.

atrium ad infernos

Follow the Journey of Simon, Rachel and Professor Graves as the discovery of an ancient artifact changes the lives of the archeologists forever. Mysteries will be uncovered in Atrium Ad Infernos.


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