Diana Anyango

'I am a sucker for happy endings. I write about African romance stories that feature characters of Kenyan origin. I believe that there's a shortage of African love stories and I am taking an active role in changing the African narrative. I am a strong believer that our African narrative as a people goes beyond poverty, death, suffering and corruption. The rich brown soil, the greenery, the peaceful and vibrant ambiance in Kenya is ground for warm and steamy romance. I write about strong and independent African heroines falling in love with strong, mature Alpha heroes and both fighting against all odds for their love.'- Diana Anyango. Diana Anyango is an author of romance featuring Kenyan characters. Born and raised in Kenya. Since high school, Diana was obsessed with reading romance especially Mills and Boons but discovered that romance novels featuring Africans were hard to come by. She started toying with the idea of writing her own love stories with dark-skinned and kinky hair characters residing in Kenya. Diana's debut novel, A Place Called Happiness, was published by Love Africa Press in September 2020. The second book was Roses Aren't Red Anthology. Show Me Heaven is my third book. The fourth book, A Small-Town Girl, is set to be launched in March 2022.

Books by Diana Anyango

show me heaven

Nursing the scars of her traumatic childhood, Cherryl doesn’t hesitate when the opportunity to leave her rural village for the city presents itself. Odhis, the talented carpenter and country life lover, stays put and moves on – he wants to run his family business. Years later, when life hands Cherryl lemons, she heads back to her village to lick her wounds. A lot has changed in their lives. Desperate and alone in her hour of need, her old flame Odhis, comes to her rescue. Can they overcome the obstacles and start again?


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