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fixing business: making profitable business work for the good of all

Background: Never has Business been so under the cosh in the UK as it is now. From Banks to Energy Companies, from multi-nationals to entrepreneurs, every opinion poll has businessmen yet Wealth Creation is the most important part of our society. Without the wealth which is created by businesses, there are no jobs at all (private or public sector), no taxation the product of 11 years of full time, free, compulsory education is lamentable. Half the sixteen year olds do not get Grade C or above in English or Maths GCSE! Business must also avoid Relative Decline. Doing well are you? What are the competition doing? Is your benchmarking accurate? What does success look like five something Business does. Social Inclusion is something Business IS! Engaging with education more deeply, more seamlessly at every level on a permanent basis. Investing in environmental issues - Having at least one eye ( profit is NOT a dirty word; it's what you do with it investor, from the customer to the creditor, from the supply chain to the opinion-former....they are all, at the end of the day, PEOPLE........& they are what social inclusion is all about.


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