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the daredevils

Its the year 2038. Nigeria has amicably split into several regional and autonomous national governments. As the various new governments tries to catch up with the rest of the world with Internet Of Things, self driving cars, Robots and AI self-defense systems, In the new Biafra republic, formerly the south eastern part of Nigeria. A criminal gang of daredevils, an assassin recently released from prison and an experienced police detective clash. A ruthless criminal gang led by the Charismatic twenty years old Rick, are out to perform what will become the biggest "heist" in the new country. Erere, an assassin now an old man after his release from prison is vengeful and out to settle scores with perceived enemies in government circles, the police force and in the criminal underworld. While Inspector Danladi and his team using the combined power of digital and analogue tools try to stop them, prevent more deaths and bring all the bloody criminals to justice.


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