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she tells it all

Each year, millions of women are raped or sexually abused but only a few out of them tell their stories. Some of them commit suicide because they believe their honor and dignity had been snatched away from them during the unwanted and shameful act often lasting only a few minutes. Research has shown that young female children and women are the prime targets of this crime. Many rape victims are still hurting from its shame till this moment while others have ended their lives because they were blamed for being raped. She Tells It All is about some aspects of my life while growing up, incidents which I have always felt the need to shout out to families, to other girls /daughters. By taking the bold step of writing this book and being a voice that can be heard, I hope that others as well can make a positive change in their lives by coming out with their stories knowing that it is never too late to take a bold step. Being raped or sexually molested is a traumatic experience which could bring one’s life to an end. She Tells It All is an eye-opener to every reader that whoever goes through such an experience should not keep silent but dare to speak out for justice to take its course. The laws relating to the offence of rape has been explained in such a way that any reader can understand. The experiences of other victims should also serve as a courageous beginning to tell it all…


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