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The Prostitution industry is a billion dollar industry ($186 Billon) Prostitution happens to be the deadliest profession. Purple was written for every girl who had to work in this industry either by mistake or by having no choice God told me to write this book to you because He loves you. I know without a doubt that as you read this book your life would never remain the same Purple is not a book to condemn you Purple would challenge you to live for more You are made for more and I believe in you

before you say yes

This book you are about to read isn't a copy and paste work God delivered this book to me for ladies in my generation Having counselled a number of ladies on relationship, I realized many do not know the things to look out for before saying yes.? Godly relationship isn't done for the fun of it. Godly relationship is very purposeful and intentional This book would guide you on 5 major things to note before saying YES Grab a glass of juice, a note pad with a heart ready to hear and do


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