Doyin Okupe

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double jeopardy: the doyin okupe story

When I woke up, I was lying on a sea of money. This particular event affected my orientation about our legal tender and I lost every regard for money.” “The greatest insult you can haul at me is to call me a thief.” “It was while working at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos that I took the step to go into politics which was largely informed by my desire to heal the world in a bigger theatre.” “Any situation that tries to increase the dominance of a part of the country for more than is prescribed in the constitution through surreptitious postulation is nonsensical, unacceptable and inimical to the good health and stability of the country.” A MUST-READ FOR LOVERS OF POLITICAL HISTORY, JOURNALISTS, PUBLIC AFFAIRS ANALYSTS, STUDENTS OF POLITICS AND MASS COMMUNICATION AND ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR THE NIGERIAN NATION AND AFRICA AT LARGE.


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