Dr. Ibifunke Pegba-Otemolu

Books by Dr. Ibifunke Pegba-Otemolu

thriving in the nhs; an international medical graduate's guide to starting out in the nhs

This book has been written with a clear understanding of the unique struggles of International Medical Graduates. Doctors trained outside of the UK face several challenges when they make the decision to practice in the UK. The struggles they face are usually untold and affect every facet of life from clinical practice to fitting in socially not to mention family life. It can be daunting to navigate a new system without directions well suited to your needs.  According to the Office of National statistics 19% of doctors in the NHS are non-British, non-EU Nationals. IMGs contribute a fifth of the population of doctors working in the NHS.  The book addresses issues in everyday life at work and at home.  It aims to provide a general overview of information about work and social life. Information that can help doctors overcome the little anxieties that build up slowly and ultimately start to chip away confidence. The goal is to help IMGs avoid common pitfalls so that they can focus on being excellent at their jobs and thrive.


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