Dr Bunmi Roach

Dr Bunmi Roach is a mentor, trainer, strategist, image coach, and philanthropist. She is also an Evangelist to Nations and a church planter. As an international conference speaker, she has spoken at various seminars, conventions and conferences across the Globe.

Books by Dr Bunmi Roach

raising a child in a foreign country

Raising a child is the most delicate task any parent will ever undergo. This is because your decisions as a parent can either make or mar your child. Raising a child in a foreign country is even more peculiar. The desire to give one’s child the best of two different cultures has raised a lot of questions among immigrants, especially African immigrants. Having raised her children successfully in a foreign country, Dr Bunmi Roach shares some tested techniques for raising a well rounded and confident child in a foreign country. Without doubt, the tips proffered in this book will help you raise a child who is better prepared for the harsh realities of racism, hostilities and other undeniable social vices. Do you desire to raise a child who stands tall globally? Then, you have picked the right book.


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