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don't look back!

Life can bring its storm to anyone. We don’t get to choose that but we can determine the outcome no matter how severe the storm is. You can bounce back and overcome whatever life throws at you. Having gone through life’s heavy blows of betrayal, loss, setback, health challenges and adversities, Dr Bunmi Roach shares her experience and ways by which you can bounce back and live your life to the fullest despite what you are going through or what have been through. In this book, you will learn: • How to overcome adversities and come out stronger • Steps to handling challenges for positive outcome • How to live beyond the prison of your past and pains • How to heal from the scars of adversities • How to maximize the power of your mind. You have the power to deal with whatever life throws at you, no matter how fierce it seems. Find out more in this captivating book.


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