Dr Ebi Ofrey

Oby Ofrey is the C.E.O and Cofounder of GeroCare Solutions Ltd a health tech company driving medical inclusion by leveraging technology to provide access to medical care to under served segments of people across Africa beginning with the elderly and those in remote rural areas. He has won a few pitch competitions both locally and internationally. He has a passion for starting and growing businesses, a skill acquired by running a few startup businesses himself. Apart from this book, He has written other titles like: Becoming a God kind of millionaire, Innovate at will, Silencing dream killers and Success: Simple but not easy You can follow him on LinkedIn to catch up with his recent activities

Books by Dr Ebi Ofrey

attract customers and investors like a magnet

After successfully setting up my tech startup and securing several rounds of of funding from different investors, I decided to write a book that helps anyone trying to setup a tech startup do it right and be able to secure funding from investors. This book is going to help you identify opportunities and create products that people love. You will learn how to develop unique business solutions and position your business for funding. Why should you listen to me? I co-founded a health technology company close to four years ago and it has been featured on BBC world news. Also my company has won 7 international awards on innovation and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. I have also been able to help other people achieve the same results. If you believe your business deserves to be funded and you want to know how to secure that funding, you should read this book, it holds the answers you seek.


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