E.A.Chile was born and raised in southeast Nigeria with a B.S.C in international law & Diplomacy. he is from Abia state, he loves playing snooker, listening to good non mainstream music, reading and watching movies.

Books by E.A.Chile

new wave lazarus (a story of african gods)

Jeremiah learned of his sister's death six months ago at the hand of a nefarious University confraternity in Nigeria, He blames himself for the circumstances that led to her demise. Unable to go to the police or go home, Jeremiah is haunted by nightmares of his sister's passing. On the road to misery, he crosses path with Mr. Sunday, a stranger who promises he could make the nightmares go away. Jeremiah is soon pulled into a hidden world of African gods affected by western culture as a journey for retribution becomes a battle for his soul.


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