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Intertwined (In Love With A Pastor) is a story of two individuals who had issues as children and left those issues unresolved. The two meet later in future and their childhood differences threaten to hinder a smooth working relationship in God's vineyard. Intertwined tells a tale of forgiveness, service and love.


Dave walked away from home five years ago...away from his family and all religious tomfoolery. He knew what he believed - God didn't exist and anyone who claimed otherwise was a fool. Dave was no fool. He was in control of his destiny and he had chosen his path, even if it was a lonely one. A chance meeting with an old man and Dave's world turned topsy-turvy. Will he ever meet the girl who made his heart beat wild with just a flutter of her eyelids? Will he be free from the police net he had involuntarily crawled into? Will his life ever make sense again? Will he ever find his way home?

el amor; my valentine

This book was a Valentine's day gift to my WhatsApp community on February 14th, 2022. A Love like Africa Magic Epic was written in 2020 for a competition. However, I changed my mind and submitted something else for the contest. The story was originally called Native Love and has been chilling in my archives waiting for such a time as this. Love Vacancy was also penned down in 2020. I posted it on Facebook during the Annual Christian Poem Week on Facebook. Conversation with Abba and Heart Robber were both written in 2021. They all make quite an interesting combination. Watch out for more creative content from the stables of E. C. Hannah. Kindly share with your friends. Love and light!

hadizat: a tale of mercy

Hadizat is a beautiful Hausa-Fulani girl who seeks the highest education possible. Perhaps, that would calm her restless heart. Her education takes her far from home and she meets a sect that believes in a God she had never known. She resolved never to associate with such foolishness. But, what will she do when all she knows fail her?

roses for valentine

Mena has had a rough ride when it comes to relationships. She's ready to lay back and enjoy here single status but she just has to do one thing first - get rid of her feelings for Tife, her younger brother! Or, is he?


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