Certified business coach, speaker, and capacity building trainer, Ejim Israel has more than 10 years of experience in training entrepreneurs, and startups from a wide range of industries and fields. His company, Global Path Notion, a company built to inspire, connect, empower, and build capacity for young entrepreneurs and professionals through businesses. The company has produced a good number of millionaires. Ejim is the author of several online courses, publish articles and international E-books, paperback, that sold on Amazon and Facebook: Business Grant Application Made Easy, Complete Workbook Guide For Computer/Laptop Maintenance & Repair, Top Act For Building Wealth Through Entrepreneurship Which has made him be among the list of Best Selling Author on Amazon. He has traveled to so many cities within Nigeria delivering live speeches on business strategies, funding opportunities, and I C T entrepreneurship, and he is open for speaking engagement. Ejim spends his time reading, writing, surfing the net, sleeping, and communicating, he is good at working with a team and delegating responsibilities. He always welcomes communications with his readers and he can be reached through the contact info below.


discover how to increase sales using whatsapp

In this book, I’m going to introduce to you very simple and amazing ways you can use to make at least up to 50k per month, using only your Android Phone and WhatsApp application which means you need Data, right? This book has a proven WhatsApp marketing strategy that we have been using to make side money which you will learn. It is very short and straight to point with examples to follow. This is book contain the latest WhatsApp marketing features which can be linked to your social media account and website to boost your earning. It doesn't matter your stage of business, and skill, this book will help you build and automate your little business for maximum profit.


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