Ebonie Wayne

Ebonie Wayne is the wife and husband writing team of Seun and Duane Barlow. Seun is a native-born Nigerian, who after 13 years as a software development professional, has decided to pursue her love of writing. Currently a doctoral student, Duane's film degree drives his love of creating new worlds for readers to explore with Seun. They both love reading (books, manga, comics), watching anime and films with their two children when they step away from the world of adulting. Website: www.eboniewayne.com Instagram: @eboniewayne_author

Books by Ebonie Wayne

the morning star entanglement

He's been gone for so long...Will she find him? And at what cost? When Feyisayo finds out that her estranged father has been trying to reach out, she wants answers. And living in separate continents doesn't deter her dogged determination to seek him out. Stubborn and armed with nothing but his name and friends she meets along the way, she is intent on tracking him down. However, as secrets reveal themselves, she realizes that the truth is a matter of perspective. She realizes that sometimes there are gray areas. What will she do when she comes face to face with the man responsible for tearing her family apart? A man whose actions endanger her newfound love and happiness. A man who boldly entangles everyone in his path—past, present, and future! Will she find the strength to stand by the man she's fallen in love with and endure the morning star entanglement?


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