Ebube Okoye

Esther Ebube Okoye is a graduate of mass communication and a youth who has an extensive enthusiasm for creativity in writing. She is a member of the association of Nigerian Authors, and has written quite a number of articles which have appeared in magazines, with a few debut movie scripts. Her vision is to impact on her readers with contemporary knowledge and advocate for persons with learning difficulties.

Books by Ebube Okoye

frenzy cold days

Deborah Williams, the protagonist of the story is faced with the common place challenge in the educational sector in recent times, called Dyslexia, which is a disability in reading and writing. She is humiliated, castigated and raped by the one who was hired to help through her ordeal. But change begins when she is tutored under the professional tutelage of a teacher with an uncommon expertise. Deborah then realized that the colossal challenge of dyslexia, was just a sensitive situation, that could be handled expertly. Then she began to over come her limitations bit by bit.


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