Ebube Ukpai

Books by Ebube Ukpai

sprinkles of love

There is always treasure in earthen vessels, in everyone. This book is one of such, as part of my experience gathered over the years. The kingdom of God can be experienced in the home, couples can understand one another raise godly children who will make impact in their world. Many Christians have made shipwreck of their marriages, not because they married the wrong person but because both parties refused to yield their marriage to the guidance of the word of God. This book is written to emphasize on the little things that make the big difference in marriage. Sprinkles of love will expose you to important aspects of the family life that will leave the home sparkling with joy, peace and fruitfulness

absentee fathers

Absentee Fathers is a book which reveals the importance if fatherhood in the life if a child. Priye met the love of her life and got pregnant by him. He eventually became absent and Priye had to raise her child alone. What happened to her child? Did the father ever come back? Find out more, as you read through the pages of this book.


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