Edward Eronse

Likes beef stew and ramen. Hope you enjoy my stories

Books by Edward Eronse

scandals of everest high vol i: camille and edosa

Scandals of Everest High vol 1 is the beginning of a novel series about the students of Everest High. Volume 1 tells the story of Edosa and Camilla. Edosa struggled with accepting the fact that the new girl Camilla Wellington resembled his girlfriend who died two and a half years earlier, how he avoided her, how she fell for him and how they started an affair behind Edosa's best friend's back who was at the time Camilla's boyfriend... It's going to be a rollercoaster ride of drama and comedy.

boy genius i: legacy

Struggling with the mystery of an alien artifact, afraid that it might bring doom upon the world, three brilliant scientists were summoned to help unlock the secrets of the artifact and in effect save the world from imminent doom. But, is the artifact really the danger here? Will the fate of their predecessors befall them also? Did she do the right thing letting them go? Will they be able to save the world in time? I invite you to discover the answers yourself. Enjoy and please leave a comment.


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