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folktales are forever

Folktales are Forever is a timeless collection of culturally enriching Nigerian folktales, skilfully retold by Efe Farinre to appeal to a global audience of children and adults. It is a resource material aimed at preserving and sharing with the world, a vital part of African heritage that has been passed orally from generation to generation. We follow the usual (and in many cases unusual suspects), as they traverse the landscape of our and our children's imaginations. Tortoise is still his mischievous old self. Monkey still cannot keep still. Owl is still as wise as can be. The stories in Folktales are Forever have been well-researched and the language kept simple for the reading pleasure of all age groups. Reading or being read to, children and adults will find Folktales are Forever to be an absolute delight. Adults will have the invaluable opportunity to take children down the memory lane of their childhood story time, while children will be intrigued by the combination of entertainment and life lessons each story presents. The songs in the stories are written in local dialects and translated into English. They have also been set to music and will provide additional entertainment for the musically inclined reader.


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