Efe Upama

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marriage essentials for singles

"Marriage Essentials For Singles" is a full guide and compass to help Singles find the right partner, have a proper courtship and a fulfilling marriage, so they can enjoy marriage as God intends. The Author combines humour, some real life stories and biblical principles to drive home her points. It is designed to help every unmarried person get it right from the very onset. "Courtship is a preview of your marriage life" and as such, the book seeks to guide singles to lay solid foundations so they can have a properly built marriage in order for them to enjoy a most blissful and harmonious marriage.

marriage as god intends

You want to enjoy Marriage as God intends? Then this book is a great material for you; it is a must have for both singles and married. *"Marriage As God Intends"* is a book that clearly defines God's purpose for marriage and it is loaded with guides as to how every couple can enjoy this lovely union. The author strongly believes marriage is the best gift God gave to man after salvation. This book is born out of a heart of love, deep passion and burden for humanity. The Author wants everyone to enjoy the beautiful gift of marriage just as God originally intended.


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