Ejemen Roluga

I am a corporate finance and strategy professional and Hello Canada is my journey, my story of how our dream of relocating to Canada as a family came through. it is a journal of all our experience." In the last 5 years, I have had family, friends, and foes relocate from Nigeria to places like Canada, Germany, USA, Norway, Australia, etc. They moved to gain access to better healthcare, stable jobs, companionship, security, education; basically, a better standard of living. My move was born out of an innate desire to build capacity, improve the quality of life for myself and my family, and reside within an efficient system — one that worked. Today, I have made that move and couldn’t be more proud of that decision. #HelloCanada is about life opportunities told using my personal immigration story and my experience during the process of relocating is what led me to write this book and I am excited to share my journey with you.

Books by Ejemen Roluga

hello canada, sharing my provincial nomination journey to the maple country

Coming to Canada is a dream for many around the world including my family and it took us 3 years to make this dream a reality and what better way to relive and celebrate that experience than sharing it in this beautifully scripted piece about life opportunities told using my personal immigration story. This book is an honest, personal account of my provincial nomination journey to Canada that brilliantly details my wins, failures, feedback, submissions and multiple provincial learnings for anyone looking to move to Canada.


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