Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare

Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare is a published author, a former World Literacy Ambassador for Ghana, and a public speaker who draws inspiration in nature for her creativity and ingenuity. Her narrative interview with Leti Arts Company and reading session with e-Ananse Library spurred her to launch her website, where she provides valuable content to her audience. She aims to inspire youths to read and write effectively thereby spreading, literacy across the globe. Her short story "The New Normal" was shortlisted for the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Anthology of short stories.

Books by Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare

smiling devil

He's a narcissist who dupes a young lady by promising her paradise on Earth. Only after they've relocated far away from her family does she realize what a devil he is. How does she return home when he's barred every channel she could possibly use to reconnect with her family?

savage sunset

She is a gentle soul who cannot harm a fly. Everything changes when her twin brother is bullied and dies as a result. Following the heinous occurrence, several students go missing, but she is the last to cross the cops' minds. Is she to blame?


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