Elizabeth Kazeem

Books by Elizabeth Kazeem

mended wings

Ella Jacobs is an enchanting woman in her late twenties. She is a devoted believer, an icon in her church and a role model to hundreds of sisters. Joel Mason is a handsome, promising young man, the kind that steals women’s hearts in half a second. He’s a believer, a seasoned preacher, and a sought-after song minister. Kunle Adedoyin is a plain young man, who has the support of Ella’s aunt, desiring a lasting relationship with Ella. Caught between Kunle, who is tenaciously in love with her, and Joel, the man of her dreams, Ella must choose a life partner.

alley of fire

Funto Peters is not the typical lady who follows trend. Raised in a Christian home, she believes in God’s will more often than not. The journey is smooth. But when the tide turns, what actions will she take? Mary loves her best friend, Funto. She holds that Funto is lucky. But when Funto takes what Mary treasures most, Mary is bound to react. What will she do? Will there be consequences? Dave is a perfect gentleman who believes in ‘God first.’ He lost his job and his home drives towards a rock. When a supposed saviour in human form comes, what will he do? Will he buckle? Find answers and much more in this gripping, inspiring, and mentally refreshing, book, ‘Alley of Fire’


Many speak of the glory of the morning. Hearts leap at the appearance of dawn. Joy abounds at the beginning of a day. But who can tell what Dusk brings? Who has an inkling what emerges at Dusk? Dive into the lives of the Atandas and see how DUSK surprised them and changed everything they believed in. Inspiring. Heartwarming. Suspenseful. Life-changing.


The way in is known. The destination is dreadful. A journey out will be lifesaving. But who can find a way out? Dive into the life of Joshua and find out how a trap changed all he believed in. TRAPPED!

the choice

Caught at the intersection of faith and tradition, Sarah must decide. Dive into Sarah’s life as she makes the choice that will forever change her life.

thorns and roses

Omotola is a ravishing, intelligent, young woman. Death creeps into her space, strikes her parents and threatens her life with cancer. Deserted by her fiancé and left with huge responsibilities, she seeks true love. Omotola desires a fulfilling life but baskets of thorns arrive at her doorstep. She must make decisions and take actions. What decisions will she make? What actions will she take? Will she have what she desires? What will become of Omotola? Find out in this touching and inspiring story: ‘Thorns and Roses’


Amara is a beautiful, smart, young woman. Being highly sought-after, she enjoys a life she tags deluxe. Pregnancy knocks on her door at thirty-two, widening her horizon, and she realizes love has multiple definitions. What is it to love? What is it to be loved? What definition of love is true? Find out in this inspiring book, LOVED

complicated ties

What if you had to choose between family wreck and committing murder? After five years of craving a biological child, Samantha finds out she is seven weeks pregnant. It has been twelve weeks her husband, Aaron, made love to her. The only person who could be responsible is Justin, Aaron’s half-brother. Samantha must step out of her comfort zone to take action. Will she save her precious pregnancy, her marriage, or both? Everyone has a secret, heart-breaking and life-changing secret. Nature won’t keep any secret. Time won’t keep secret either. Everyone must do something to keep the secret safe or bear the consequences. Find out the secrets in this thrilling novel: Complicated Ties.


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