Emem Uko

Emem Uko has gained recognition for her unique plot-twisting and suspense-filled writing style, which leaves readers wanting more. She has written five fictional books. Emem Uko, whose first name means “peace” in Annang, a dialect of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria was born the first of five children to Dr. and Mrs. Etim Uko. Emem developed a love for story books and writing at an early age and blames it on her parents’ decision to buy her books instead of candy. She soon began writing her own stories and poems and in High School, a poem of hers was published in the school paper. From then on, her enthusiasm grew and she never shied away from writing although never thinking she would one day have a book published. Emem says she is thankful to everyone who has contributed in any form to grooming her into the author she is today. Emem continues to write and hopes that any one who picks up her work would enjoy every bit of it.

Books by Emem Uko

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