Emmanuel Elakhe

Emmanuel Elakhe is an entrepreneur, author, and writer. His writings are focused on Economics, Morality, and Culture. His research on The Role of Morality in Economic Development has attracted more than 8000 reads and seven citations. He is also the author of the thesis Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Nigeria; A comparative analysis. Published with Grin Munich, Germany. Emmanuel Elakhe was selected as one of Nigeria’s University brightest graduates to be part of the Young talent program of the Lagos Business School in August 2017. He also won the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship award in March 2018 and has been a member of the entrepreneurship organization. He has a Master’s Degree in Development Economics, a certificate from Project Management Professional in Project Management Entrepreneurship. And he is currently involved in the Nambuit Project as a Project Coordinator.

Books by Emmanuel Elakhe

igbo entrepreneurship model

Culture impacts varied aspects of human endeavour- it affects the way we think, our actions, choices, communication patterns, decision making, etc. The different ways in which resources are managed and allocated in various societies might not be farfetched from the culture existing therein. The Igbo Entrepreneurship model is composed of skills that many can discover and learn. In this book, you will learn: How culture impacts business performance. The culture of capitalism and high productivity The impact of Igbo entrepreneurship culture on the success of Igbo businesses The impact of Igbo entrepreneurship on business strategies The Igbo entrepreneurship model and the skills you can develop from the model How to forecast employment and output using the Igbo entrepreneurship model A new entrepreneurship model for with the introduction of technology The Igbo entrepreneurship market model and how prices and output are determined


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