Emmanuel Goka

Emmanuel Goka started writing novels after he and others numbering about forty in 2009 in Professor Bryan Garner’s Legal Writing class, were challenged by him to write a letter a day to improve their individual writing. Emmanuel has written eight novels which have been published. Among them are God Amends, The Alphabets, Queen Godsheren Reigns and The Throng. His ninth work,’ Each tribe, a god or goddess’, emphasises on the distinctiveness of each tribe’s god or goddess and how the god or goddess assists the tribe determine its developmental agenda. And the tenth,’ Our romantic journey through the days’- a conversational novel that gives a vivid depiction of the awesomeness of one couple’s an ending (so it seems) awesome romantic love but with an abrupt sour ending” were completed in calendar year 2019.

Books by Emmanuel Goka

eclectic conversations

“Eclectic Conversations” takes you on a journey of two women trying to make meaning of life as Christian women. It offers many practical life living admonitions to navigate the many facets of human life.

families not nations

“Families, Not Nations” is about a granddad who restored a family with qualities of hard work, industry, honour, competition and imagination when he asked hard questions and sought answers to modern challenges.


Are most events that happen on land, spiritually triggered to cause physical effects, harm or injury and in some cases death to benefit a few who were given fore knowledge? And are they at times also deliberately triggered by humans for a particular group's benefit? This fictional storyline Orionelle explores these and more.

the throng

The Throng is a novel that addresses the repercussions on individuals and races of their untoward conduct against each other that brings destructive attacks on them and their properties by things (elements such as water, fire and air etc) in nature. And not left out are the terrible consequences that nations (citizenry) also suffer due to electing persons who should not be in political leadership. It is as if the writer of this novel wrote a prophetic novel as the incidents echoed in the novel are taking center stage in some nations. Maybe, your nation is included. And you can only find out after reading The Throng.


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