Emonena Abenabe

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i almost died

I ALMOST DIED is a collection of short stories about survivors; with the Author’s story in chapter one, she suffered from stroke and decided to write her ordeal and other people’s experience, how they were attacked and how they dealt with their attacks of stroke, brain aneurysm, kidney disease, lockdown syndrome, some of them had depression, anxiety because of this and fought it and in different ways; survivors that are willing to share their stories, progress and achievements and how the attacks was not good, but it became the best thing to happen to them because their dreams changed for the better. Now they want to help as much as they can. Each of them shares their story to help others who is suffering from terminal illness or people with or without disabilities etc. Each of the survivors had hope and was determined to survive. It is an inspirational book that portrays strength, courage and relentlessness. In this era of suicide, this is the author’s contribution to the nation, to inspire them that others have it worse but decided to live their best lives without regrets.


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