Eric Berridge

Books by Eric Berridge

customer obsessed: a whole company approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences

Cloud computing is our global technology future, and customer experience is a key driver of technical innovation and business success--CUSTOMER OBSESSEDwill teach you how to leverage both across all levels of your business to sustain competitive advantage in the digital era. Cloud technology may be hailed as a game-changer, but according to a recent IDC report, it represents less than 3% of total IT spending. We are in the golden age of IT innovation, but the majority of companies still havent adopted cloud technology, much less begun to understand how to integrate it with a sound customer experience strategy. This book looks at customer experience through the lens of the cloud. Its not a single deep-dive into one topic among many; the book provides high-level insight into each business element that affects the customer experience, offering not just customer expertise, but an entire set of prescriptive actions that business leaders can take and put into practice to achieve higher levels of customer success.


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