Esther Adebusola Fashola

Books by Esther Adebusola Fashola

from hate to love

When School Queen bee Marie Richwood is forced from the comfort of her home by her Dad to South Africa, she decides to make the best of it and continue been the queen bee of her school in South Africa, which means getting anything she wants, but things does not go as planned as she clashes with the most brilliant boy of the school. Cyrus Kaye, the son of a famous lawyer and Fashion Designer is lonely and unloved as his parents rarely have time for him, lacking love and attention except the one he gets from the cook, Cyrus is launched out of his world of solitude into Marie's jovial lifestyle, he replies her every prank on him with a touch that blows her mind away every time until the two finds themselves attached to each other Now, Marie must go back to America, as she had promised herself to fulfill her dream of being an actress, Will she go? Will she give up her dream for the boy whom she had made herself the center of his heart? Will she leave him? When all he needed was a little bit of love from her,

possessive love

A young love, lost in the circumstances of the society, will their love be strong enough to bear the weight that threatens to tear them apart. He has earmarked her, as his and he will do all in his power to cherish, love and protect her at all times

my playboy

He said something wrong ...she countered him he marked her face and swore to make her leave her beliefs , churchy ways and drop her innocent ways .... who changed who......... he turned her heart but couldn't let go ...... he was entrapped and promised to do all within his power to get her back his player abilities just had to prove their worth


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