Esther Adekoya

Esther Oyebola Adekoya is a gifted writer, dramatist, film producer, poet, a minister of God, Emotional Health Therapist and a Social Sector Manager. She writes under the auspices of Heartrose Series and the author of the following bestsellers which is under Lagos State and Oyo state Ministry of Education Curriculum. They are: For How Long, Make it Soon, The Betrothal, Precarious Fate, Isabella’s Testimony, For the Wrong Reason, Scar, Beyond the Scar, Strange Affection, The Missing Puzzle, Violated, His Will and other short stories. Healing for Your Depression, Healing for Your Negative Emotions and FEEL, THINK AND LIVE WELL manual. Her inspirational writings bring emotional health to the depressed hearts and sexual health to the perverted. It also addresses societal ills and the prevalent of moral decadence among our teens and youths and reveal divine ways of arresting this situation. She is the president of Heartrose Care Foundation, a registered initiative with Corporate Affairs Commission with zero tolerance for the Emotional Scourge called DEPRESSION. The NGO is cut out to create: A WORLD WITHOUT DEPRESSION, to Promote and Restore emotional wellness to the depressed through Education and Therapeutic support. Being an Associate Member of Counseling Association of Nigeria (CASSON). She is actively involved in counseling and encouraging people to live the beautiful life that God intended for them; especially the adolescence and adults. She has certification in Social Sector Management from Enterprise Development Centre/Pan Atlantic University. She is a stakeholder and member of Mental Health Foundation Nigeria also work in collaboration with the Education committee and Community Outreach of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria to reach out into different economic sectors.

Books by Esther Adekoya

strange affection

Joel Jireh doesn't know what has gotten over him neither does he know why he nursed this strange feelings for her. He knew he needed help or else! This story piece exposed a quantum characteristics of strangeness and unfamiliar way of life that many people live with day in and day out. Strange feelings, strange lifestyle, strange experience, strange career, strange attitudes and lots more odds.

his will and other love stories

In His Will, Anah, a young girl with a promising future is sexually abused, however years later in an unexpected twist of events, she crosses path, once with her rapist. In double scar, Lora while vacationing in Jos, is sexually violated twice in the same night, weighed down by guilt and self condemnation, she opts for suicide...

the missing puzzle

“I have found my missing puzzle…” she screamed with tears of joy dropping from her eyes. Madam Efe had always lived a puzzling life from her teenage years. One of the reasons her legal husband, George had to separate from her. She is a master-minder, always has the ace in her hand. In no time, things got more complicated and became a web of puzzles!

the betrothal

Day by day, Jewel Jordan’s life’s confusion became increased especially on marriage. In her conscious, unconscious, and sub conscious states, the battles raged on: betrothed to one boy, bewitched by one man and the beloved of another man, each claiming unassailable right to her love and life.

isabella's testimony

Nothing prepared the young, beautifully attractive but naïve Isabella, for the glamorous but treacherous world of a beauty pageant in her new life at the higher institution, and the whole sequence of twists and turns that will spiral her life out of control when she fell in love with the right man but in a wrong way, setting her up to becoming her own worst enemy. She would discover that the greatest demon a man can face is themselves as she would be trapped in the prison of her own untamed sexual passion, caught in the ugly web of lustful pursuits of wealth and chained in the dark holes of deceit with men of the underworld and would grow through life’s greatest ordeals realizing a singular truth that would change her life forever…true love can rescue any soul from total destruction…


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